Rules & Regulations

World Complete Martial Arts Golden Belt Competition

CMA Rules & Regulations

The Complete Martial Arts (CMA) competition encompasses a wide variety of international fighting styles. The match is won in three rounds using techniques such as boxing, knee and leg methods. Striking with elbow and ground fighting are not allowed. The competition is fought over three rounds and the winning competitor is awarded with the (CMA) Champion Golden Belt.


International Rules


(Rule 1) Boxing and referee assignment:

One referee and four judges are assigned to each game.

(Rule 2) Pre-competition Weight Measurement and Health Check:


  1. All competitors must complete the weight measurement procedure within 48 hours before the competition begins.
  2. The competitor must not weigh more than one kilogram of his/her stipulated weight class.
  3. If the competitor’s weight does not meet the requirements of the competition, the competitor must be weighed again within six hours before the competition begins. If the competitor still fails to meet the weight requirement, he/she will be disqualified.
  4. All competitors must pass health checks, screening for epilepsy and muscular disorders, including brain, urine and HIV blood tests.
  5. The overall health screening report must prove that the contestant is healthy and fit for competition.
  6. If the competitor is found taking banned substances, he will be immediately disqualified.

(Rule 3) Rounds


  1. The winner of the match is determined over three rounds.
  2. The duration of each round is three minutes.
  3. There is a one minute break in between each round.
  4. A draw in the third round will be resolved with an additional round to be judged by the chief referee.
  5. Time allowed for injury examination is 3 minutes.
  6. When a contestant is knocked down, the referee will automatically start counting to ten. If the contestant still remains down until the count of ten, the opponent will be the winner.


(Rule 4) Judging Criteria


  1. Knockout (KO) –A competitor temporarily loses consciousness after getting knocked down by the opponent in the ring and cannot continue with the match.
  2. Technical Knockout (TKO) – The referee has the power to stop the contest if he considers the fight to be too one-sided (ie. one contestant is clearly weaker than the other and cannot safely continue with the fight). The referee can intervene and declare the stronger contestant the winner by Technical Knockout.
  3. Contestant Concedes – A contestant verbally concedes defeat or his/her coach throws a white towel into the ring. The other contestant is declared the winner.
  4. Termination of Competition by Physician – If a contestant is injured during the fight and the physician decides that the contestant is medically unfit to continue with the fight, the standing contestant is declared the winner.
  5. Disqualification – When a contestant commits a serious foul or is warned by the referee for more than three times, he/she is disqualified and the other contestant is declared the winner.

(Rule 5) The following tactics are considered fouls:


  1. Head-butts.
  2. Striking the throat.
  3. Biting.
  4. Striking the groin.
  5. Throwing or taking an opponent to the floor by wrestling style, causing injury to the opponent’s head and/or neck.
  6. Striking an opponent’s back of head and/or spine.
  7. Grabbing and refusing to let go of the ring ropes, deliberately hanging parts of body over the ring ropes.
  8. Spitting at an opponent.
  9. Use of abusive language in the ring.
  10. Striking an opponent under the protective care of the referee or physician.
  11. Striking after the bell has sounded ending the round.
  12. Non-compliance or rude behaviour or language against the referee.
  13. When both contestants’ chest or abdomen are pressed against each other or in a headlock with each other, they can only use their knee to attack their opponent once and must break up after.

(Rule 6) Boxer’s Flag, Clothing and Protective Gear:


  1. All boxers must put on 8 oz gloves (70kg and below) or 10 oz gloves (Above 70kg) that comply with the competition committee’s requirements.
  2. When boxers appear in the ring, they must put on the “WCMA” robes of the federation, but bring their own short-pants, mouthpiece and appropriate groin protectors.
  3. The boxer’s coach and assistant must wear the “WCMA” T-shirts provided by the federation.
  4. All representative boxers must circle the OctaColor Ring with their own national flag, before going on stage. This is to show respect.

(Rule 7) Ringside Coach and Assistants:


  1. Each boxer is permitted a coach and an assistant.
  2. Coaches and assistants must abide by the judgments and instructions of the referee and judges.
  3. Instructions to be followed by the Boxers includes “Start”, “Stop” and “Divide” from the referee.

Note: During the championship, a legal physician must be stationed within the premises at all times to handle medical emergencies and duties.