Online Launch of Grand Master Carter Wong's Wuji Health Qigong Video Series

“Wuji Health Qigong” fitness video series is an exclusive workout routine designed by Grand Master Carter Wong.

It is the first fitness routine Grand Master Wong has created in all his 60 years of martial arts practice and personally demonstrated by him in the series.

The series aims to encourage health and fitness through a simple step-by-step tutorial so that people of all ages and fitness levels can use it to improve their physical fitness. The series also incorporates physiotherapy techniques that can improve the learner’s health and immunity and guides the learner to meditate correctly so as to enhance memory and reduce the chances of getting a stroke.

Please visit and subscribe to the video series via the following websites:

Subscribe on “Patreon” learning website (For people residing outside China)

Subscribe on “Afdian” learning website (For people residing in China)